Easy chart pens configuration question

Is there any documentation anywhere that shows some kind of sample of the expected configuration of the different cells in the Pens datasets (DBPens, SQLTag Pens). I would like to use this means to bring in data from my MSSQL database, but I haven’t been able to figure out what all the different cells in each column do. some of them are obvious I get, but it seems that simply adding the basic information to some isn’t quite enough, and I’m struggling to understand which cells need what for each pen/row

Well, to answer your direct question: no, this doesn’t exist as documentation anywhere, unfortunately. The columns are meant to be as self-describing as possible.

Is there something specific you need cleared up?

If you’re still looking for information on the pen configuration, I suggest you download and install the “Click to Graph” Extra Here: http://www.inductiveautomation.com/?wicket:interface=:2:downloadsection:1:downloads:8:downloadfrag:link::ILinkListener::

There is quite a bit of code in there that will at least give examples of how to populate the pen and axis datasets.

Thanks matsons, that’s a good suggestion.