Easy Chart pens out of order

I am confused as to why the pens in my easy chart can’t be matched up to the pen control. No matter what setting I seem to use I can’t get them to line up.
Thank you.

what do you mean by they dont match up? are you talking about the colors? how are you populating the easy chart tagpens dataset? scripting, bindings, etc? a few screenshots would help.

I guess I understand how it works now. The Pen selection I have Alphabetized and I drag the tags onto the chart in that order it works fine. I had the orders off and could not reorganize them. I had to start from where they differed, then delete the tags and then drag them in in the order of the pen selection to make it right.

I have noticed there can be a disconnect between the trend’s Pen list order and how they are listed in the E-Z Chart Customizer if you have Alphabetize Pens set to False. If you encounter that problem, go to the Property Editor and under Chart Configuration you’ll find the datasets for the pens, the order that they are listed in the dataset is the actual order they will appear in the trend’s Pens list if Alphabetize Pens is set to False.