Easy Chart problem getting query from DB Pens

Good day,

When I am programming in the Designer, the Easy Chart runs okay. But when running on the Client, the chart will get error of database query.

This is the diagnostic I run on the Easy Chart.

PenSQLQuery “SELECT t_stamp, pal2_generator_active_power_total FROM nigbu_load WHERE t_stamp >= ? ORDER BY t_stamp”: Good

I don’t understand where the t_stamp get the ? value.

Screenshot was on the Designer.
screenshot1 !

Screenshot was on the Client

Thank you very much. Any help would be much appreciated.


Since you are running your Easy Chart in RealTime, the query syntax is automatic.
I believe the “?” value is just the current date minus the time configured under the Chart (in your case 2 hours).

The fact that the Easy Chart does not run in Client is probably a Project Property issue.
In the designer, go to Project/Properties under Client/Permissions make sure that Legacy Database Access is enabled.

If not, check it and save your project.

Good day sir,

Thank you very much for the help. Much appreciated.

Have a nice day.