Easy chart problems

I have an easy chart with 82 pens.
I have these sorted into several different groups.
I’m using the notepad edit method to add new pens, but I’m having several problems.

If I make the neccesary changes and paste the text file into the db pens dataset it removes ALL of my group names inside the graph pens even though the groups are correct in the dataset.
Often the pen names are reordered differently than I intend them to be.
I’m going to keep working on this but I could use some suggestions.
Version 7.6.6

have you thought about building the datasets used in the chart via scripting when the page loads?

there’s not really much that is dynamic about the dataset.
It used to work and Ive added rows to it before, with some difficulty.
But I think there is something wrong with the Easy Chart component. It should use the group names that are defined in the dataset instead of throwing them away after you update some rows.
I’ve noticed the Name of the row is different inside the component, (Groupname/Name) while the Name from the Pens dataset contains only the name, and holds the group name in column 14. But once you try to update the dataset it doesn’t update the component data correctly *It doesn’t apply the group name