Easy Chart Question

I’m working with the easy chart. I have two subplots and in one of the subplots I have HOA values 0,1,2 (OFF,AUTO,HAND) I would like to have the subplot axis display OFF,AUTO,HAND instead of 0,1,2.

I’ve looked in the edit axis and selected type ‘Symbol’, but I don’t see how to set the value to display OFF,AUTO,HAND.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

You pretty much have it, just put that comma deliminated list in the symbols section of the axis setup.


Thank You! Man I was so close. Again thanks for your help

Symbol type is very interesting !
In the symbol/grid band list, is there a way to can we only put the value we want.
For example:
0 = ON
16 = OFF
128 = Value X
255 = Value Y
in order to display only the legend for the significative value we have choosed ?