Easy chart question


I am trying to chart a db entry with easy chart. The table I want to chart has two columns, date and date.
date is type date with getdate() default value. Data is type float.
(I am using sql server)

When I goto pen database select the proper things, when I run Diagnostics it says ‘The type of time column ‘date’ is not a date.’

If I goto chart the error I get is
"IllegalArgumentException: Illegal type for x value: class java.lang.String (column ‘date’)

using the query select data, date from tablename

sample data from dataset viewer

date | data
yyyy-mm-dd | 1
yyyy-mm-dd | 2

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SELECT CONVERT(DATETIME, date) as date, data from tablename

It could be that your date column is not being correctly interpreted as a date value.

that was it. Thank you!!!