Easy Chart Question

I think this might have been covered before but I can not seem to find the posting of it.

What I am curious about is if the Easy Chart pen colors can be changed dynamically. ( I am hoping that is the correct choice of words)

Here is what I would like to possibly accomplish. I have an easy chart setup. If the value it is reading from the SQL table is this then I want the color to be this, if it is that then I want the color to be that.

So can this be done in an easy chart or do you have to use one of the other charts?

Thanks again and have a great day.

Define “this” and “that”. Do you want a single pen to change colors within one chart depending on its value, or do you want the whole pen to change colors based on some other condition?

What I would like is the Pen color to change. So if the value is say 0 (zero) then the pen color will be red, if the value is 1 (one) then the pen color will be blue. But only for the duration that the value exist. Meaning that in the morning the pen color will be blue then something happens at the machine level at around 11am and it stays a problem until 11:45am so the pen color in that time frame would be red.

Hope this is clear. Hope it also helps. Have a great day.

Yeah, so you want a multi-colored pen. Sorry, you currently can’t do that.

Does any of your charts offer this kind of function?

No, we don’t have any sort of dynamic multi-color series renderer. I can note this down as a feature request.

For completenesses sake, here is the previous post that discusses this isuse.