Easy chart question

I have an easy chart that is behaving erratically and thought I would post the question here and see if anyone had any ideas. My idea is that the JAVA needs to be updated on the problem machine. But that is only a speculation.

Here is what is happening on 4 of the 5 terminals on the production floor the easy chart works just as it should and there are no problems. However on the one terminal you see the update thing in the lower corner flashing but it is not rendering any pens or drawing any lines.

what I have done so far is I deleted the shortcut on the desktop, went into the system java settings and did the update, then reconnected to the server and downloaded the project again. And again the same problem on this one machine.

So am I thinking along the right lines that its the java program or is there something maybe in windows? Any suggestions welcome and then i can present to the IT staff. we have been talking about this and have many ideas but would like the professionals opinions and thoughts. I am leading toward Java, they think it could be Windows or some other component and others think its in the project. I dont think the project because it works on the other 4 terminals.

Thanks and have a great day.

Is the timezone (in Windows) set differently on this terminal vs the other terminals?

Ok we checked the timezone and it was set differently and also for some reason even though the daylight savings time was checked it still did not change the time. We only came to that conclusion because of the setting the time zone was set for and the time the unit displayed.

So the IT guys fixed that and now it is synced up with the rest of the plant. So that problem is resolved but it still does not display any data on the chart.

we did go in to Java and deleted the settings and redownloaded the project thinking that maybe changing the time zone would do something within the java environment but that did not work either. Still no drawing or rendering of data on the chart, but as said it is only on this one PC all the others are functioning, and we did check those PC’s and they had the correct time and time zone information.

Any thing else to look at?

Thanks and have a great day.

What version of Java are you running on a working machine and the problem machine? Find out at Control Panel->Java or from the FactoryPMI “About” window.

Now I am thinking it is the JAVA version although I am not that familiar with JAVA and how it affects FPMI. Here is what I found per Nathans request:

Working Machines:
All are running version 6 of java just the builds are different. Here are the builds:
1.6.0_10-b33 (2 of the machines have this)

Non Working or more to the point Limited Working:
Again running version 6, just the build is:

So is my assumtion correct? Is it the Java version? I will have the IT staff do a JAVA upgrade so that all are running the latest version. Maybe that will fix the problem. Will let you know monday.

But in the event that does not fix the problem what else should I be looking for? Is there a microsoft update that could cause this? I ask because this is the origional PC we started with and although it appears all the updates are up to date I can not be sure until IT unlocks and does the Microsoft update. Just throwing some ideas out there.

Have a great weekend.

Yeah, try upgrading Java. I think that verson may have the old timezone tables.