Easy Chart Runtime Customizer


In Ignition 7.6 (or 7.7 if this feature has been added), is there a way to display the Easy Chart customizer window, exactly as it is in the designer, from the runtime?

My use-case is this:
I want to have an “edit” button on a window containing an Easy Chart, which then allows users with the appropriate privileges to graphically alter all parameters of the chart (exactly the way the customizer does), and then a save button which stores the chart configuration datasets back into a SQL table for later recall as necessary. These users are familiar enough to use the customizer, but do not have access to the Ignition Designer.

I realize all the configuration data for the Easy Chart is stored in the configuration datasets, and I have these bound to SQL tables, but to edit the configuration in a user-friendly manner (i.e. with a GUI) means either 1) using the customizer as it is obviously already there, or 2) re-inventing the customizer for run-time use. Clearly, I would like to avoid having to re-invent the wheel!

I apologize if I am missing something glaringly obvious, but I can’t see a way of “calling” the customizer during runtime.


no, not that I know of. but if you look at the click to graph add on, most of the work is done for you. I reused alot of the screens to build my chart customization gui.


I would suggest what diat150 suggested. Take a look at the click to graph. This does have all of the functionality you are looking for. There isn’t a way to directly access the easy chart customizer from the client, so , in a sense you would have to make your own. However, CTG does have that functionality.

Thanks folks. I have implemented this using CTG as per your suggestions.