Easy Chart Save Button Question

I just had a quick question. Is there a way to not lose data when using the save button on the easy chart? I have data saving to a DB at 1 sec and have the data displayed on the easy chart. However when the easy chart is displaying a whole day and its saved using the button the data it not at 1 sec. it more like a 3 mins. Is there anyway to have all the data saved?

The Easy Chart defaults to a ‘fixed’ resolution of 300 datapoints. In the advanced configuration, you can change the history query to a different mode (you probably want On Change [meaning for every datapoint actually logged into the historian] or Natural [one output row for every theoretical scan class execution, if the historian did not compression])

Is there a way to bind the tag history resolution to change when based on endDate and startDate using fixed setting. Something like this?

{Root Container.Easy Chart.endDate} - {Root Container.Easy Chart.startDate}

You could use minutesBetween({startDate}, {endDate}), then multiply by some number if you want to drive it off X number of seconds.