Easy Chart selectedXvalue

When using X-trace or Mark mode on an Easy Chart it displays the time/date along with value of the selected pen where clicked, how can I capture this?? selectedXValue only gives me the time/date string I was hoping to capture what is displayed when clicking on the chart in ‘Mark’ mode.


originally I was trying to figure out how to have 2 “X-trace” or “Marks” on one Easy Chart (signifying ‘startTest’ and ‘endTest’) but after no luck with that I’ve decided just to write the values to mem tags. which might work if I can only get the value as well as the time/date

rcorkern, we currently have a feature request to add the ability to have multiple x-traces to the easy chart. Unfortunately I do not have an estimated release date for this.

Any update on this? I’m trying to get the SelectedXValue from the chart and it only works in Mark Mode, not X-Trace mode. Is there something else that needs to be set to get the X Axis Value in X-Trace Mode? All of the pens use the same X Axis so it should work shouldn’t it?


No, we still have an open ticket for adding this functionality.


Also from Italy , we have some requests for this features


Hello Greg, I’m a rookie using ignition. I have basic programming knowledge but no clue where to put which kind of code and where to use expressions. Still very confusing for me. Could you please give an example how to use ‘selectedXValue’.
Thanks in advance from Germany, Berlin

Is this still an open ticket? Any update?

For advanced uses of X-Trace, consider the NoteChart Module’s EasyNoteChart and classic NoteChart components. These extend the features of the standard EasyChart and Classic Chart with, among other things, a completely rewritten X-Trace feature.

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