Easy Chart Showing different pens

When i look at the chart for a period of 12 hours the pens are looking different from when i zoom in for an hour. Please see attached images.


From what I can tell, I think the difference is due to using “average” aggregation mode on the pens. In this case, multiple samples in a window are averaged together- when you’re zoomed out, there are more samples, so the results can be quite a bit different than when zoomed in (because the number of points requested by the chart is constant - by default, 300).

There are two things to try that should help:

  1. You could switch to Min/Max mode, which should give you more consistent results, but busier charts.
  2. You could increase the resolution of the easy chart. To do this, select the chart in the designer. In the property editor, change the filter to “all”, and then find the resolution property under “Data”. Try setting this to 1000 or so. You will still see some change, but it should be less dramatic. If you want to try something more extreme, set it to -1, which means “display raw data”. This will eliminate all processing and make the results completely predictable, though the graph might be a bit slower to load.

Let me know if this helps,