Easy Chart Shows Popup when False


I’ve set the “Show Popup?” property on all my Easy Charts to false, yet when I right click on them the popup still shows. Any idea why that could be?


There’s a bug with this property, unfortunately. If you go into the configureChart extension function, you can add the following:
and the popup menu should be entirely disabled.


Thanks! That worked.

I have tried this script but doesn’t work.

Do i need to call the configureChart function ?

And why do we need to point to getComponent at index 0 twice ? Is because its a child nodes ?


Where and how do i find the resources to learn about scripting deep into component ?

I am using ignition 8.0.2.


I have found out that the script does not work if the project has just updated and pushed to the client launcher. It works once I enable the pens on the easy chart.