Easy Chart slow response when Tag History resolution is Raw/Natural

Hello All,

I am using an easy chart component with multiple subplots (more than 5) and tag history resolution as -1 and mode as Raw.


The chart is in Historical mode with following settings


Each subplot data which is being trended is historized with minimum 30 seconds to 1 minute.

The issue is, since I have multiple subplots, the response is slow when the chosen period is greater than 5 days. When I right click to switch to X-trace / Zoom / PAN / Auto range modes of the chart the GUI looks frozen / more time to load.

Is there a way to improve the easy chart response when the duration is more or is there any setting which i missed ? Please help

Thanks in advance.


You are simply overloading the history system. It works fastest when it can condense the returned data to match the resolution of the display. Selecting raw mode prevents it from doing that. Pick another aggregation mode, with a specified resolution.

If you really need dense plot information over wide timespans, you probably need to switch to transaction groups with fixed intervals (or scripted equivalent) storing to "wide" tables. Those can be queried for large blocks more efficiently than the tag historian's "tall" tables.

However, you will still run into some trouble when point counts get into the hundreds of thousands--simply due to transmission time growing for such large datasets. (Months of data @ 1/minute.)

I solved this for my own projects with my Time Series DB Cache Module, which chunks the delivery of large datasets, and performs Vision client-side caching. My NoteChart Module's EasyNoteChart automatically uses this path for DB pens when the modules are installed together.

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