Easy chart smooth and edgy plot

I have a project where I use easy chart and plot my historian tags.

The easy chart are performing in a way that I do not understand. One line is smooth and the other is edgy, even though the two tags are set up exactly equal in all parameters.
When I remove the smooth line from the plot, the edgy line becomes smooth, but when I add the previous smooth line, the previous edgy line, becomes edgy again.

Can someone explain why this is happening, and what I can do to only have smooth lines?

Regards Benjamin

The behavior can be seen on the pictures.

Autoscale is zooming in on one pen or the other when it is alone. Use manual scaling.

Okay thanks,

Is it possible to adjust the Y axis manually “on the fly”? Meaning that the operator can freely choose the scale of the y-axis?

You’d have to do something in the configureChart customization script to directly adjust the JFreeChart objects. Not trivial, unfortunately, and I don’t have an example handy. /:

Thanks for feedback. I ended up using cell update on the chart, and bind it to a numerical input.

I have now tested the manual scaling, and I still receive the same error. See below picture.
The second pen is edgy while the first is smooth.

Can it be something else?

Can you show your pen configuration for the second pen? It looks like it is configured as a Digital Pen.

I am not using any pen configuration. I am using a tag tree that I drag and drop onto the easy chart. My tags are then historian enabled, and used in easy chart.

Anyone know if the easy chart sets the pen configuration by itself somehow?


Here is the picture of the pen configuration. Both lines are set to “Line w/Gaps”

Assuming that both tags are set up identically, I see no reason they shouldn’t be charted the same.

Might be time to have support take a look.

What’s the deadband style on the two tags?

The Tag history setup is as following on both tags:
And of course with a Storage Provider.


Any update on this?

The deadband was my last guess. I would echo @lrose’ suggestion to contact Support.

Okay thanks. I have reached out to support :slight_smile: