Easy Chart "Stale Data"

We have this “stair stepping” on several of our charts. The chart shows the value holding for a short amount of time. An example is shown above in the circled region where the blue line (SP) should be ramping up. Instead it holds stale data and then jumps up to the real value. This happens every once an a while, but the time between these events is not periodic; it appears to be random. Zooming in and out does not correct this glitch. This stale data is only on the chart. The digital display for this value and the historical data shows increasing values.

Another odd thing is that if this chart is viewed a few hours later, the “stair stepping” disappears.

Does anyone else have this glitch? Do you know what causes it and how it can be corrected?


I think I solved it! :grin:
At least I don’t see the problem any more and hope I didn’t create another problem.
I made the “Ignore bad quality” option TRUE on the easy chart property editor.