Easy chart + stard/end date problem

I have this internal tag that sets start date -7 days and start of day (00:00:00.00)
and another that sets todays date and end of day (23:59:59.00)
These 2 client tags are set in the start screen internalFrameOpened.
This works, and in a another screen i have 2 popup calendars, their date is set to startdate and end date and this works too, the tag is set to bidirectional.

When i change the date, the easy chart is updated as expected, but when i change screens and come back to the screen with the easy char, it becomes blank and it uses todays date from now-ish and 15 minutes back.

Expected behaviour would be to use the already set start/end dates in the client tags

You can use the window’s internalFramActivated event to set the chart’s dates when the window opens.

I only want the predetermined date to be set once when the client project opens, and then save the selected dates, which it does now, but the easy chart loses all data when the screen reloads (when i save and it pushes updates out) or changes screen.

Yes, so use the the window’s internalFrameActivated event to set the chart’s dates when the window opens.


Also, i have bound StartDAte and EndDate in the easy chart, should this not be enough to have it display the chosen range no matter if i navigate to and from the page it resides on?

What is the cache setting of the window (I’m guessing it is set for ‘Auto’)? What happens if you turn it off?

Changed cache to never, the easy chart still shows blank after switching windows.
And the date below in the easy char now shows only 2018/10/11 as date and 7:20 - 7:35 (ish) as time frame with the time bar whatsitcalled

I guess i have to put some onFrameActivate script to force update the chart or so.

I use 2 client tags, the date popup has a binding to this one bidirectional in data/Date.
The easy char has the start date and end date set to these 2 tags, bidirectional not checked.

It works when i am on the page and changes the date in either date popup, data is populated if there is any in the date range.

I have made 2 labels on the window, and dragged out the start date and end date tags, and after switching windows they show the selected dates i have in the date popup.

When i changed the easy charts “chart mode” to manual, then it behaves like expected, previous setting was Historical.