Easy Chart Tag Pens aggregation mode

Is it possible to change aggregation mode on easychart?
I have Tag Pens binding with postgres database table, but I don’t want to change aggregation mode through database, because it would reflect all clients. I would like to change it client locally.
I was trying to set value to Tag Pens dataset itself on easychart, but those are immutable and I have polling mode set to off. I means if I change Tag Pens dataset somehow, it would read binded table from database and drop this change.

Yes, that is possible. You are on the right track with the tag pens dataset. You can bind the dataset to a cell update binding which allows you to dynamically change certain cells. You can change the aggregation mode for all pens by binding them to a value from the database or a memory tag.

How can I set aggregation mode via cell update for every row? They vary from 3 to 9. Is it possible to put this for every row no matter how many of them appear in dataset?

Yes, we will ignore any rows that do not exist.

Thank you.