Easy chart tags not plotting

Hello All,

I’m experiencing a strange issue with the plotting of an easy chart from tags, I hope someone here has some experience with this.

When I plot multiple pens, some seem to show correctly and others not, all determined on which tags I select. You will see in the attached screen the uf_outlet plots as zero on the first screen (which is incorrect), but when I activate the tag above it it will them plot correctly. If I select uf_outlet alone it will also only come up as zero.

And the addresses of the tags are correct…?

Hello, thank you for your reply, yes the addresses are the same. It is the very same chart with same tags, just changing which check boxes causes the values of the uf_outlet to change depending on what else is checked. At first I thought it was a scaling problem but you will actually see a faint blue line running at 0 on the first chart.

I would suggest emailing/calling in to support so we can take a look at this.

Thank you very much, will get in touch with the support shortly.