Easy chart time axis

On the Easy Chart, Why doesn’t the time axis on the bottom of the chart match the time thats being requested from the timedate picker portion of the Easy Chart.

For example, the datepicker shows:

7/17/07 7:01 AM - 7/17/07 7:05 PM

but the bottom of the chart shows

Jul 17 2007

The left edge is approximatle 9:45 am and the right edge is approx 10:45 pm.


The X axis of the easy chart scales itself to the range of actual datapoints that it is displaying, with a slight margin on either side. So, if your data starts at 9:45, thats where the x-axis will start, even though you requested to show everything from 7:01 ( there is no data between 7:01 and 9:45). I’m not sure why the right edge of your axis is beyond the requested range - I’d have to see that.

We’re thinking of making the range of the x-axis not autorange (as an option). I’ll count this as a vote for that feature.

Hope this helps,

Yes, P{lease.

This can be confusing to an operator (me), I’m requesting one time, but the display is showing something else.



Yeah, I understand. Look for this in a near-future release.


We ran into this again this morning, When we called up the chart, the chart displayed 0700 - 0715 (WHAT???)

well, guess what it was 0715 when we called up the chart, so thats the latest time it would display!

I think you’re talking about a separate (and known) issue, which is that sometimes when you first bring up a window, the date range component doesn’t appropriately initialize its initial range. This is fixed, and will be in 2.1.5, which will be released as soon as we get an administrative issue resolved regarding our code signing certificate.

Thanks for your patience,