Easy Chart to Create Table in DB

Is it possible to have the Easy Chart create a db table based on the dataset. Sort of like the transaction groups that create a transition group table in the db. That way you could use the table for the dynamic pens etc. Would also enable pen editing/adding columns and the ability to export/import to/from a csv for data manipulation in the dataset.

That’s an interesting request. Many parts of the system are starting to use dataset based configuration, to allow for the possibility of driving the data from a table, but we expect you to make the table by hand. However, it would probably make sense on the sql binding screen to be able to select “new table” instead of an existing table, and have it generate one based on the current columns of the dataset. This could actually work for any dataset, allowing you to define the columns with the UI in the designer, and then create and bind it easily to the db.

We’ll kick it around a bit, but I think it’s a good idea.


Thanks for considering the possibility. Would it also be able fill the table columns with the pens created in the easy chart configuration as well?