Easy Chart Trend Lines

Hi anyone know how to change trend lines on easy graph as curved rather than stepped as can be seen in the image below?

Without knowing how you are set up, it’s difficult to say. Some thoughts:

  1. Check that you are using line style and not a digital style.

  2. Log your data with a transaction group instead of the historian.

Thanks for the reply Jordan, yes i am using line style and also min/max avg mode for data which i suspect may be the issue but i cannot seem to change from min/max mode

Just a hunch, but under the history settings for the tag, is the Value Mode set to Discrete? You can see stepped lines like that if using a Discrete mode. Try switching to the Analog value mode. Note that this won’t retroactively change the appearance of the trend. Rather, new data points will be represented as a smoother line.

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