Easy Chart Trend options

How do add real time and historical option. Kind like a selection option.

You can place your own checkbox on top of the chart in some under-utilized whitespace and create binding for the chart mode that looks at it.

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The way I have done it in the past is to create a real time trend/report and a separate Historical trend/report and then put a PB on the screen that will toggle between the two reports using their visibility property.

RealTime report/trend visibility Property Expression Binding might be like this -

{Root Container.Toggle Button.selected} = 0

And the Historical Visibility Property Expression Binding like this -

{Root Container.Toggle Button.selected} = 1

Is there a way to write to this?

OK, I tried it and it work using memory tag, but is has three options, have to figure out write the options out using buttons or selector.

Here is how I am doing it:

Nice, thanks. You guys are the best! I am on a quick learning curve here coming from Allen Bradley ME/SE.

How did you group the buttons next to each other ?

I got it! never mind.

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