Easy Chart Using Too Much Memory

Hey guys,

I have a pretty simple project that I’m building that will control a piece of equipment. The main page is basically a template (many systems will be used) that displays a trend via easy chart and some control buttons, etc… I have the trend window scripted so that when the machine is not running the trend will display the last hour of tag history from now. When the machine is running it will span the easy chart to display from the start of the run until now. This is updated every 30 seconds.

I have set the client to use 512MB of memory, and usually within 8 hours or so it uses it all and the client locks up. I then have to end the task in task manager and restart the client. I have a much, much bigger project that has the same amount of client memory assigned and I never have an issue with that, so I’m guessing that this is possibly a tag history data cache problem? Is there a way that I can manually flush the cache every once in a while? I know I can turn off tag history caching for the project but I am worried that will have more of an effect on the gateway. Anything else that I can check to see why so much memory is being used?

There seems to be some memory leak issue with the X-trace stuff in the Easy Chart (I’m not a Java heap expert, FYI). I’ve been doing some heap dumps throughout the day and that always comes up as the big memory user and it grows and grows…

I’m running Ignition version 7.8.1 (b2016012216), happens with both Java 8 and Java 7.