Easy Chart Where Clause

In FPMI, the Easy Chart Customizer included a Where clause entry box in the data section when adding pens. This was in addition to the Value Column, Time Column, Table Name and Datasource entries. This entry box doesn’t seem to exist in the Ignition Easy Chart Customizer in the Database Pens pen editor. It looks like it is still possible to enter a where clause by going to the property editor and editing the DB Pens Dataset.

Can we get back the Where clause in the Easy Chart customizer?

:scratch: You’re right. Case of the missing where clause. This must have happened with the new tag pens and calculated pens change, but certainly was an oversight. I’ve added a ticket to get this back in. And in the meantime - you’re right, you can add the per-pen WHERE clause back in by hand.

Edit - It’ll be fixed in the next release.

Hi Carl,

I learn the easy chart part on inductive university, but inductive university do not mention about update “where clause” instead of “dataset” on properties editor of easy chart. From 8.05 version, I see “where clause”. Could you help to explain how to create dynamic pen chart by using “where clause”. Thank you.