Easy Chart won't Display discrete Tags only analog tags

Am dealing with a challenge where my easy chart graph window will display some tags but not all the tags.

Of the 5 tags that I have logged to the historian, 3 have there value mode configured as analog - these display on the chart.

2 tags having there value mode configured as discrete will not display on the easy chart.

I have attached some picture files to help with a pictorial description of what the challenge looks like.

[attachment=0]Discrete tag configuration for valveKing.JPG[/attachment][attachment=1]General configuration for valveKing.JPG[/attachment] [attachment=2]Discrete tag configuration for valveKing.JPG[/attachment]

I can’t give you the full answer since this looks like a test question, but if you take a look at your picture of the chart, it looks like even the pens that are showing up are going off on the bottom of the chart, like the chart is not growing or shrinking properly to accommodate the pens. If it isn’t moving down, maybe the pen that isn’t showing up is just hidden?