Easy Chart won't show value if value has not changed in time

I am using Historical SQLTags to trend some PID loops. I have a screen that shows the last 15 minutes of the PID loops activity. Ifa value does not change within that 15 minutes, it does not show that value in the trend. Can we have it so Historical SQLTags will query farther back in the event of no data being found in the charted time?

Well, that is what SQLTags history is supposed to do. Few questions:

  1. Version of Ignition
  2. Type of component - easy chart or standard chart.
  3. Query parameters, if standard chart.


  1. 7.1.1 Build 5109
  2. Easy Chart
  3. Real Time Chart, so no query parameters.

Sorry for the delay on getting to this… I don’t know if it’s specifically because of the subplots, but I do have something mocked up acting kind of strangely. Will let you know what I find.


Ok, this turned out to be a very subtle/tricky issue, and has been fixed. Problem was localized to seed values- the system wasn’t loading all seed values when those values all came from the same “window”, like a startup.


Cool, Thanks. A quick fix like always. Keep up the good work

I should point out that it was not included in the dev upload yesterday (5174), but will be in the next one.