Easy Chart X-Axis Adjust

OK, I read through the manual and searched the forum, but didn’t see anything applicable here. One of our customers wants the Easy Chart to show the day of the week as well as the time on the x-axis ticks. I have the date range showing on the chart, but she insists that it’s too difficult to look up the date on the calendar to figure out what day it was. :unamused: Is this even an option anywhere? I do know that if it is an option, it’s going to cut down on the number of gridlines on the x-axis, but I’ll worry about that later. Thanks.

One option might be to use a label that is bound to an expression that displays the day of the week, and optionally the date and/or time with it.

The dateFormat expression function displays the day of the week represented by E.


I thought about going that route. I need to talk to them again to clarify if they want it in place of the date range, or if they want to see it on each tick mark, or what. Heck, I may just throw a calendar object under the chart so they can drop it down and see what day of the week it’s on. Thanks.