Easy Chart xtrace position changes when printed

When printing an easy chart with an xtrace cursor and legend, the cursor position changes.

I was given a screenshot of a window containing an easy chart in X-Trace mode. The X-Trace time was shown as 4/5/2012 1:49:52 AM and the printed chart X-Trace time was 4/4/2012 9:46:49 PM. This resulted in a change in data displayed in the legend.

I was able to reproduce this on my computer.

Ignition Platform 7.3.1
Java 1.6.0_31


Corrected to GMT??

I wondered the same thing but the minutes and data were different. I ran another test on my computer and noticed the times were different again. The time difference between the monitor and printout varies with the window (Chart) size.

The selected cursor position seems to be fixed relative to the left side of the component. If the window size is changed then the x axis is stretched and the cursor value changes because the time changes even though the cursor hasn’t moved relative to the left edge.

When the chart is printed out, it must be scaled to fit the paper selection therefore the value changes.

Can the cursor location be relative to the time it represents rather than the location from the left side of the component?


Has anyone else been able to reproduce this?

I was not able to reproduce this - my printed charts had the same x-trace as my on-screen charts. I was printing to the Adobe PDF printer

I had the same problem with the classic chart.

To reproduce, try this:

  • Put a chart in a float window and anchored in the fours corners.
  • Go Runtime
  • X-trace -> print (should be no difference for x-trace position)
  • Maximize the window
  • X-trace -> print (x-trace position should be moved)

Thanks, that helped me reproduce the issue. It’s fixed for 7.4.3 (beta-2 and later)

I have same problem in easy chart Mark mode.
How can i solve it? I set group and easy chart anchor to 4anchor.

Seeing this same issue in Ignition 8.0.14, with an Easy Chart X-trace. Did this bug pop up again in the new version?