Easy Chart Y-Axis Auto Scales Wrong, Line w/ Gaps is Missing Gaps

Hi, I’m have two issues with an Easy Chart, the range scales for data off of the graph when I use a DB pen and the ‘Line w/ Gaps’ option is not showing any gaps in the data when it should.

So before selecting the db pen, the chart looks like this:

When the Water pen is added to the chart I would like it to highlight the purple line to show when a valve was open, like this:

Instead it looks squished down to the bottom and the data is impossible to see without zooming in.

When I right click and select Auto Range All Axes, it zooms way out and shows values from a few days ago that was at ~5,000. It is still adjusting for that even though it is way off of the chart.

Also, when I try and set it to a line with gaps, it fills in a line for the 40 minutes where no data was logged, I would like it to have a gap. (When I auto range all axes it does show gaps, but only if data was not logged to that db table for about 8 hours or so.

Any help is appreciated, I’m sure there are just some properties I need to tweak but I’m not sure which.