Easy Chart Y Axis

I need some help with the Easy Chart Y axis. From what I’ve seen there is only 1 range even if you have multiple tags assigned to the chart. How can we change the range based on a particular pen or even show multiple ranges for multiple pens?

Also, I would like to bind the Y Axis Min and Max range to something like a Numeric input. I don’t find the Right Click then Zoom Axis to be very user friendly.

Is there a way to bind the zoom scale to something like a numeric display as well?

Any help would be appreciated.


if I understand your requirements, a possible solution is to create multiple axis (one for each range/eng unit you need) and assign each pen to the desidered one.

To modify the min/max range dinamically I am afraid that it can’t be done with a direct bind, but a possible workaround is using scripting. Since the axis configuration is stored in a dataset (Property “axes” of the chart), you could write a script on the input component on your HMI: when the user modify the range value on the input component, the script access the dataset and modify it. Note that the axis are mapped on the rows of the dataset and the column 0, 11, 12 are, respectively, the name (that you can use to find the right axe) and the min/max range.

Hope it helps.