Easy Charts - Any way to add data like you would a Chart?

Good Afternoon,

I was wondering if there was a way to add a custom pen/data to an easy chart using a created dataset. I know you can do this using a Chart component, but I’m hoping to plot these points on the same chart as I am tag history. I see that there are options to setup Tag Pens that read trending data, Database Pens that read SQL tables and Calculated Pens that rely on another Pen already in place, but none of those seem to fit what I’m looking for exactly. Thanks!

No, but you can use a tag history binding along with a custom dataset in a classic chart.

Thanks, I’ll try that! I figured it might have been a long shot, but no harm in asking just in case.

Quick follow-up question, is there a way to add a dynamic amount of tags to a tag history binding? I know there’s an indirection option for setting up tag paths, but I don’t see a way to ADD new tags automatically.

You can change the tags dataset with the pertinent information for the tags you would like to add.