Easy Charts Dynamic Calculated Pens

I’ve created an Easy Chart where it’s displayed the tag history of a certain value, through a Cell Update Binding I was able to dynamically change the tag history to different values set by the user with a Dropdown List. Now I would like to see in the same graph two other values related to the value ( a set point and an alarm value), those two don’t have any history set up so I created two Calculated Pens but I’m not able to create a dynamic binding with the Cell Update (I’ve included two screenshots to see the different errors I get).
Is it possible?
Thanks, regards


You can’t use expressions in the values for cell bindings. You would have to do such expressions on separate custom properties, then bind the custom property to the cell.

Ok thanks, that is certainly a solution, but in the Tag Pen binding I didin’t use an expression to set the Pens dynamically I just wrote [tagProvider]tagFolder/tag{parameter} so I though that it was possible for other Cell Bindings.
I guess that works because its not exactly a tag binding but a Tag History Binding right?

Right, cell bindings have less features than tag history binding.