Easy charts - groups

I can’t seem to get the “groups” to work.

I want to set up three groups, similiar to the example in the instructions.

In the Easy Chart, I went to the “DYNAMIC GROUPS” tab and added my three groups, JUICE, COOKER, and FILLER.

I then see them at the bottom of the tab under “DYNAMIC PEN GROUPS”


I then go back to the PENS tab, select one of my pens, and hit EDIT.

The Edit Pens dialog box appears. When I click on the “Group Name” drop down, there is nothing there. I would expect to see my groups listed.


First of all - do you really want dynamic groups? I think you just want groups.

In any case, the groups dropdown is populated by looking at what groups are defined on other pens - not which groups are marked as being dynamic.

That is - just type in your group name manually for one pen, and then it’ll appear in the dropdown for other pens.

Lastly - if you don’t really want the groups to by dynamic (dynamic groups means that that group will have its own piece of custom WHERE clause associated with it), remove them from the Dynamic Groups tab.

Hope this clears things up,


Thats exactly what we want. I must have overlooked it in the manual.