Easy charts save data

Can the easy chart save data as a .csv instead of .xls so that you could use other spreadsheets instead of excel? Tried to load the data to Oo but it did not work.

I’d like to support this, but not quite sure how. The hard part is that the excel format support multiple worksheets, whereas CSV is totally flat. Easy chart pens’ data don’t necessarily all line up their timestamps into a nice square table, so CSV will be a hard format to use.

Imagine you had two pens. On pen has come into the chart with 500 datapoints, the other with 900, all along different timestamps. How would you like to see this in CSV?

I see your point. However, is there a possibility of interpolating both the time stamp and data and align it vertically so the time coincide? Then one time stamp would suffice.

That is possible, but a fair amount of work.

I think our best bet would be to allow export the data as a set of Datasets, and let you export it to a file format however you’d like via scripting (in many cases, for example, the timestamps will align, such as tags driven by the SQLTags Historian)