Easy Charts with Note

I am trying to design a simple PLC monitoring interface for operator display in EZ chart, but one of the requirement is have operator to enter “Notes” in EZ chart “Real Time” mode as necessary and save it then it can be view or analyzed in the “Historical” mode.

Is this achievable? if it can how can it be done?




Can you explain where is the user to enter text and based on what. I would assume that you are thinking about adding the text at a point in time displayed in the chart. You may need to subclass the easychart component in order to facilitate the entering of text.


The request is for the operator to annotate in EZ chart when event occurred therefore it will make it easier to understand if you review the EZ chart in history mode in later date.

Not sure if it is possible and hopefully I stated my question clearly.



In a different SCADA package, I once added notes functionality to a chart like this:

Create database table for your notes including timestamp, note contents, username, and any other information relevant to your process.

Set up a pen on the chart to query from the notes table - on my app I just select the value 0 for each row in the table to give a simple marker on the chart for each note event.

Set up a table/spreadsheet on the same screen as the chart with a query that is linked to the currently displayed time range on the chart, so the operator can read the notes - I kind of like this better than displaying the notes ON the actual chart, because to me that can get very cluttered in a hurry.