Easy/Classic Chart - mouse point for exact data

Hi guys,

Our company recently made the decision to switch from Wonderware (which very few people used) to Ignition and I for one have been impressed at every turn.

One thing I liked about Wonderware was its charting (function not look!), it lets you mouse-over a chart to see the value/s at that point in time. Is there anything in Ignition that can similarly accomplish this?



Right click the chart and change the mode to X-trace (there’s a few more, also)

Ahhh, like I said I am impressed at every turn!

Thank you PGriffith!

Would still be nice to be able to mouse over and view at any point (without having to click) but I am happy with the X-trace for the time being.

I spoke to soon, just needed to hold the mouse button as I move it!

If you’re on a fairly recent version, you should be able to set the ‘X-Trace Track Mouse’ feature:

You may need to change the ‘Property Editor’ filter to at least Standard (the funnel with an S icon) to see the property.

Awesome, thank you again!

Where do I find this ?
Don’t see this in my case ?

You need to be on a recent 7.9.X or greater version, and you need to have the property tree filter set to at least ‘standard’ - check the funnel icon with an ‘S’ in my screenshot above.