Easy Database Question

MariaDB or MSSQL? Discuss…

One is free and works really well.

The other is expensive and works really well.

I think that pretty much sums it up.


One can run in either Windows or Linux.

The other one… not so much, despite the owner’s claims to the contrary,


Some side-by-side comparisons. I usually look at them with a grain of salt, but it’s a starting point


Actually, I do run the non-free one in Linux without trouble. Some GUI features are missing.

As to the OP: Avoid MSSQL in any context where time zones matter, unless you can ensure that both the DB and all gateways that talk to it will be using UTC. And I don’t recommend either. Use PostgreSQL.


Not one of the original two, but I second this.

I haven’t done any real SQL db deployments since, well, since joining IA, but I’ll third this. Postgres has a great blend of features, performance, and ‘sanity’. Would prob do a quick-pass on the big-dogs if I were looking to deploy a new production DB, but postgres would almost certainly come out on top.

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And you can get commercial support and extra features (clustering) from EnterpriseDB.