[Easy] Uploading to Gateway

Simple question. Is there anyway that I can upload a file to the gateway off of a client computer? And can I download to the client from the Gateway?

If I missed anything please let me know.

What exactly are you trying to do? Some more detail would be great.

I am trying to upload PDF files into the Gateway, so that I may use them with the PDF viewer. I want them to be on the gateway, so that the PDF’s are there no matter what computer I log onto from, and at the same URL/ Directory. This post is kind of an extention of my previous, but I felt that it would be appropriet to make a new post for it.

EDIT: Ok, like you said in another post, there is that tomcat folder where I can put things to have them on the server, which technically answers my question. However, in order for this to apply universally, I need to be able to add files to this folder from other computers, which requires sharing the folder. So my question to you now is, how do I share a folder across my network (mostly windows computers) without using Windows’ Domain/ Workgroup feature. The computers I want to have adding files to the folder will not always be on the same domain/ workgroup, but will be on the same network.

EDIT: I no longer have need of sharing the folder. This post is moot.