Easychart Chart Configuration noob question

I want an Easychart that can have its pens and axis changed at the press of a button (like many others I know but I have read 20+ topics and still cant do it).
I realise I have to use Tag Pens under Chart Configuration, but are any of the following correct:

  • in SQL have as many tables as different Easychart “pages” and then bind the Tag Pens like “Select * from Table1” or "Select * from Table2
    -have one large table with all pens in and use the “where clause” under the Data area

One last question - If I get this to work can I create SQL tables easier than manually doing so in MSSQL, I see there is a copy to clipboard (have no idea what this does). I would be easier to create them in Ignition and then copy this to SQL ???

I noticed a mention of a tutorial back in a 2007 topic, is one available?
P.S. Only after reading all the topics I could find did I stumble on the Mode-Zoom, Pan, Mark and X-Trace options. Are these mentioned in the manual cause I did not see them and this is a mega feature that until now I thought was missing.

That is exactly what the Click to Graph scripts do. They can be downloaded from
files.inductiveautomation.com/ex … on_ctg.zip

If you need help setting it up, I can help you out.

Thanks Kyle,
The click to graph looks good (have played with it a little) but I am after the choice of multiple graphs pre-prepared at the push of a button. I was just after a quick explanation on the method of linking SQL tables to Easycharts. I think I know how but there seems to be many ways - basically is a simple "Select * " from a prepared static table correct? The topics I read have “where clauses” and pythondatasets were mentioned. Spent way to much time lately doing the wrong thing so thought I would ask (just in case).

Oh, and I would really like any answers regarding the creation of SQL tables for the graphs. Is there a short cut? I spend over 2 hours trying to get a colour entered correctly :frowning:

If you already have a table setup w/ the proper configuration, you can just run a simple create query to generate new ones based on it.

Of course, If the tables will all look the same, you can just add more rows to the table and pick the one you want by adding a where clause to your select statement.
hence this part “-have one large table with all pens in and use the “where clause” under the Data area”

Assuming you are using SQL Server Management studio -

A simple way to create tables based on a template.
Find the table you wish to duplicate the structure of, Right click and select ‘Script Table as, Create to New Query Window’

Then in the new query window, find the line that reads "CREATE TABLE [dbo].[THINGIE]( "
and replace THINGIE w/ the name of your new table.

Review the rest of the query to make sure it looks correct, then hit F5.

Thanks Dravik,
The SQL table copy works a treat.
I guess there’s two ways of handling the SQL tables for the graph - one per graph or one big one with the WHERE clause. Just baffled me as a noob but it’s sunk in now.