EasyChart date selector - date format

In the easy chart, for the selector we can only choose a date format with 2 digits.

For the french customers, we use to format date with : YYYY/MM/DD

Will be nice to be able to do that !

It doesn’t look like that’s possible right now.


The Easy Chart uses the Date Range component, which is currently basing the locale-aware dates on Java’s DateFormat.SHORT.

We could add other options to the enum, or even a property to allow 4-digit years. Your best bet would be to suggest this at ideas.inductiveautomation.com, since that’s where we’ll be gathering the next set of new features from.

yes,I ever posted a feature request in Ignition Features and Ideas, topic named : “Date Range component : Date Style with format”
Hope it could be added soon…

Is there a swing trick as a workaround to modify this format ???

I don’t see a way to hack into the date formats. :frowning:

nevermind, if that can be added in one of the next 7.7 release… :prayer:


We have a client who is very picky about date/time formats

GMP facilities use a date format that is not possible to change currently