EasyChart discrete value


It is possible to have EasyChart plot discrete values? Using historical groups based on time. There is a similar topic talking about Historian and historian module but that’s not my case.

Thank you.

Yes. When you log it change from Analog to Discrete.

If you are recording to the DB with transaction groups, you would use DB Pens on the EasyChart instead of Tag Pens.

You will probably want to override the chart’s onTagsDropped method to construct DB pens from tags where you know that the tag corresponds to a particular DB table and column. Another DB table that contains tag pen settings for specific tag paths is a popular approach. (Like the ancient click-to-graph kit.)

Data Type when logging is boolean.

Yes I am using DB pens. On top of that I’m also using calculated pens to have a higher step between pens. As an example: pen1x2, pen2x3, pen3x4 and so on. So, I thought it had something to do with the calculated pens but I tried it without that option and I still get a graph as an analog function.

While I was trying to picture this one I saw the “style option” on each pen. There are digital and digital area styles… I totally missed them. Now I can see a step function on these discrete values.

Thank you very much.

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