EasyChart display issue with "digital area"

I am having issues with simply displaying digital status in EasyChart. We would like to have a full bar to represent an ON state and no bar at all when there is an OFF state. Changes are very infrequent so we may have extended, continuous times in either state. I have confirmed that data is logging correctly and believe this is related to aggregation mode.

Please see attachments - the actual run state of the device was ON between 3:20-3:50 last night. I also manually toggled ON for a few minutes this morning at around 7:05. With EasyChart configured with “digital Area” mode and aggregation - closest value the bar actually is not correct at all. When I toggled this morning EasyChart actually backfilled from ~5:30-7:00.

I attempted to try all of the different options for aggregation mode - the only one close to correct is “count” which appears to accurately flag when there is a change of state, but not fill in the time in between. Can you please advise which setting would reliably display a solid ON/OFF state?Closest%20value%20aggregation Count%20aggregation%20-%20accurately%20shows%20change%20of%20state%20but%20not%20continuous

Check when you set up Historical Logging. Change from Analog to Discrete.

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THANK YOU - that was exactly the issue. I’ve had other tags which occasionally show strange historization - I think this will help in many areas of our project. Many thanks for your help!

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