Easychart does not display tag values

I created an easy chart and added the tag browse tree. Tags show in the tree, but when dragged to the chart the chart does nothing. I am watching the tags in the project tag browser and they are changing value. I have real time and historical tags configured. Nothing shows on the chart. The tag source is an ignition simulator. I created charts before on a Logix5000 PLC and there were no problems. I used the chart component default values with both the simulator project and the real PLC project. The only thing I can find is that Ignition does all this automatically. I find most of the information on Ignition is that it is automatic, but how to you get the automatic to work???

Do you have history turned on for the tag you’re trying to chart? Is the history saved for the time period you’re trying to chart?

yes history is on. It’s been on for a few days. It does not matter if I put the chart in manual, real time or historical. I also checked on a few other projects. Easy chart does not work.

If you try to make a table and bind the tag history to the data of the table does the tag history show up?

It sounds like the tags aren’t recording to the database. Do you have the database set, and tag history turned on for the tag?

Database is mySQL all the connections are valid. This worked fine for all my previous projects.
I started a new gateway and project and set the database connection and it is valid. I have 16 tags all set for historical
and the correct database in the tag history. Easy chart does not work.

I loaded a few other projects and created an easychart with tags and database connections working. Either all the videos and manual is incorrect or the new gateway is corrupt because easychart will not work.

I did some charts when I was using a Logix5000 PLC and there was no problem. I never had to do anything but install mySQL set a schema and config the gateway to make a database connection.

I had a similar problem with the alarm journal yesterday. Wasted half a day on getting it to work by deleting and recreating the window until it finally worked. Then it too did not work this morning. It kept giving table does not exist errors so I set a new schema. Now it works. A similar fix did not work for easy chart. I have no idea how databases work and according to Inductive I need not know how databases work to use Ignition.

I’m going to load an old gateway and look at my old projects.

When you right click on a tag and go to history what is the Historical Provider set to? Does a little scroll show up next to the tag in the tag browser?

If you drag a tag that you have history configured on (there should be a scroll icon beside it) onto an easy chart do you get a chart with a red pen and no data, or do you get an error?

It sounds like this is a new database? If so there shouldn’t be anything else going on there right? In the gateway web page go to status and click on databases. Go to the details page for the database.

Is queries per second > 0, is there anything running in activity that looks like ‘tagpath’, ‘datatype’, ‘t_stamp’ etc?

I’m having the same problem. Did you figure it out?

I had this problem with an edge device that was configured for the wrong timezone. Are the times put into your database what you’d expect?

Also having the issue with an edge device. How did you change your timezone?