Easychart excel export save popup goes behind opened windows


I have a project where I have to split my display into four quadrants as they behave as four independent display screens. In order to keep all of them on the front, I’ve used system.gui.openDesktop(XXX).setAlwaysOnTop(True). However, on easychart, when you click on excel export button, the save popup screen goes behind all opened desktops. This causes all desktops to freeze as the popup needs to be closed in order to be able to continue interacting with opened desktops.

This is not the case where you right-click on the chart to save a snapshot, this popup comes in front of all desktops but the problem is the built-in easychart export button, the popup goes behind the desktops. I’ve tried different ways on exporting via scripting but all export scripts bring this popup no matter what, so the problem persists.

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