EasyChart - find Chart Configuration / TagPens - dataset on Ignition 8.0.12

I created a EasyChart and I need to change the pens dinamically.
I defined Tag History Pens and, on Tag Path I could only catch fixed elements from the DataBase.
I look forward for help on manual. it said that we could change the pen from a variable:
I attach the picture:

The problem is that I couldn’t find this : Chart Configuration on my chart (Ignition 8.0.12)
Please, any help will be apreciated.

Make sure your property editor filter is set to all.


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Many thanks Irose,
Other question, it is possible to know the value at exactly moment with this easychart?¿
I mean, put the cursor on a position of the trend and show or read the value of the variable.
Thanks in advance,

Sure, from the right click menu choose the mode to be either Mark or X-Trace.

See the manual for more information

OK, Many thanks Irose!!!