Easychart giving strange readings

I have had issues with Easychart set up with database pens where I have the value of the tag as a readout next to the Easychart yet the chart continues to show the value of the pen incorrectly. It seemed that if a Tag was static the trend sometimes sat at the wrong value until a change come through. I have now found a similar problem as below:

Add generic device
Add history to Sine tags
Add Sine 5 to Easychart
Add calculated pen of “Average” of Sine5
All works fine for a few seconds and then average pen disappears.
Go into Customiser and back out and average re-appears

I’m hoping that an explanation of the above may help with the original problem when I get back to work on the original project.


Just to add that this gives the same result on a second laptop so is it something I am doing??? as this is very very confusing :scratch:

Someone please help

Yes, it appears to be a problem, and not your fault. We’ll look into it.


This problem has been fixed for 7.3.3

This got me too: I had numeric displays showing my two simple trend tags right there above my EasyChart, but the lines would not show at all in the EasyChart. A coincidental restart of my Ignition box (7.3.0 running on Ubuntu 10.04) got them to show up.

Thanks for posting the problem and the solution !