EasyChart not displaying static value tags

Hi on my easycharts when the historical databases does a backup. I lose my static tag values because they haven’t changed to write to database. I have selected a time recording of 1 hour but still the tags don’t show after a backup. I can manually change them up and down a value and this fixes the problem until next backup. I need to use the tags as they are high limit and low limit set points that get changed once a year.


These values are likely not being recorded by the historian because they have not changed in value more than the historical deadband dictates that they must in order to store a new value. This deadband is configured in the History section of the Tag Editor. You can ensure that a value is stored every time regardless whether it changed by either setting the Historical Deadband to 0.00, or setting the Max time between records to 1.

Hi Adam

We have already applied those changes setting deadband to 0.00 and max recording time 1 hour, but they are still not recording after the database backup i think. As it happens on the last day of each month.