EasyChart not showing Historical Data

Just as a quick question about whether or not the store and forward function and that process of backfillng from the MQTT modules from Cirrus would show up if I have an EasyChart in historical mode reading the historical data of a given tag. This will help me figure out if my MQTT engine isn’t properly forwarding the historical data or if it is and I just don’t have a good way of checking said historical data.

Thank you.

If you’re doing it live using RealTime mode on the easy chart will show the backfilled data more quickly. In historical mode, the easy chart isn’t polling the database which means you’d have to slide the date range to “refresh” the chart and see the old data make its way back in.

I have the start and end times connected to the expression addMinutes(now(),-2) and now() respectively. So the easyChart is constantly moving. Wouldn’t this achieve the same thing? So am I safe to assume that my MQTT engine isn’t properly placing that data into the databases?