EasyChart pause via tag or property

The EasyChart object has a convenient “Tape Recorder” style button to allow the user to Pause or Run the chart.

Is there a way to bind that function to a Tag or Property ? I want the Chart to run until my PLC detects an end-of-cycle condition, then Pause so that the operator can Save the chart contents after visually reviewing the chart.

No, there isn’t a function for that right now. However, you can change the easy chart’s mode to manual where you can control the start and end dates. You can bind the start date to an expression like this:dateArithmetic(now(5000), -5, "minutes")and the end date to:now(5000)All you have to do is change it so the 5000 gets replaced with 0 when you don’t want to poll. Note: Make sure the Poll Rate property is set to 0 and the Chart Mode is Manual

Thank you, that worked perfectly !

My Chart is in Manual mode, and my Start Date is bound to this expression:

dateArithmetic(now({[color=#BF0000]Development/Enable_EasyChart[/color]}), -5, [color=#4000BF]“minutes”[/color])

Now I just use PLC logic to place a value of 0 or 1000 into a tag called “Enable_EasyChart” and my controller can start and stop the EasyChart’s scrolling based on the actual conditions of the device we’re monitoring.

The data is in SQLTags with History enabled, so they’re always being stored away into the database.

I’ll continue to learn about Transaction Groups so maybe I can control my data logging more efficiently, but for now the Easy Chart and SQLTags History works great.

Glad it worked for you.